Welcome to my world, Sissy 😈

My name is Mistress Valerie. I've spent the past ten years transforming "men" like you into the perfect sissy. 

You watch sissy hypnosis videos and read sissy hypno captions, but that is just the start of your sissy training. 

You must feel like a sissy. You must look like a sissy.  

Feminization starts with the basics. Every good girl has beautiful hair, nails and skin. 

I created the Sissy Pill to help feminize "men" and have hundreds of success stories. 

The Sissy Pill is not a hormone therapy. It is a specially formulated daily multivitamin that emphasizes your feminize beauty with powerful ingredient's like biotin, vitamin C, and zinc. 

If you're serious about being the perfect #SissyBimbo then you need to take your Sissy Pill daily. 

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